No Audio Devices in Workstation 2

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No Audio Devices in Workstation 2

Post by Ohayjosh » Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:11 am

For several hours I have been trying to get sound to play through my HDMI TV where my workstation 2 loads up. The speaker icon on the lower right side of the screen has a red X, and troubleshooting finds no problem other then telling me to make sure the Windows Audio Services are running (they are.)

In the device manager of workstation 2, the sound devices show as installed and working, but in the playback devices in the sound options, it shows no devices are installed? There is sound in Workstation 1 when station 2 is running, but I've noticed when running workstation 2, the HDMI device is no longer displayed in my device manager in workstation 1 - as if HDMI is unplugged. I've indicated which speakers I'm trying to set up for both workstations, HDMI for workstation 2 and my laptop speakers for workstation 1. I have looked at the other threads here describing this same problem and it seems no one has found a solution. The reg patch did nothing, and there are no realtek "similar ports" options to untick. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well.

Everything else in this program is working perfectly, if only I could figure the sound out...

Edit: I've also just found if I play a video on workstation 2, it plays for about 5 seconds before closing with no errors or messages.. no sound as well of course

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Re: No Audio Devices in Workstation 2

Post by DisAster » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:25 am

You might try disabling Aster and restarting. Then, once restarted, try selecting each audio device in the windows mixer and play some kind of sound (i typically use youtube) See if you can get audio to come out of your HDMI connection that way. If so, open up aster, and see which speaker device is playing the sound. (it will be blinking while there is sound playing out of it) Move that speaker to the correct workstation.

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