nVidia surround 1 monitor not sleeping problem

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nVidia surround 1 monitor not sleeping problem

Post by myles » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:05 pm

I recently installed Aster v2.21 on Windows 10 x64.
I have a triple moniotr setup with 1 graphics card (GTX 1070).
2 monitors are in nVidia surround (Workplace 1) and the other in Workplace 2.
When I use Aster 1 of the surround monitors does not enter sleep mode. The monitor does flash for a second but remains on.
PowerSaver.scr does help in that it makes the monitor blank BUT the backlight remains on and power led remains blue (blue = on, yellow = off).
I can confirm this is an Aster problem as both monitors sleep (in surround mode) when Aster is not running.
Is this a known bug?

On another note what does "Optimize the power supply parameters" actually do (during installation option)?

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